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The Dean of African presidents is falling

You may be wondering who the dean of African presidents could be. The answer is here. A dean in the context of this write up refers to a senior member of some group of people, dean of diplomatic corps. Africa is noted for emulating western democratic values, dictatorial governance, and poor foreign policy instruments.

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Cameroon politics: November 6, as a Symbol of the Dictatorship Threshold between Presidents Ahidjo and Biya and the Annexation of Southern Cameroons.

The handover of power from the late and former President of the then Federal Republic of Cameroon and later United Republic of Cameroon to the incumbent President of the then United Republic of Cameroon and now Republic of Cameroon on the 6th of November, 1982 sealed the dictatorship threshold between the two presidents and was meant to further the colonialist and annexationist agenda of France in the former UN Trust territory of British Southern Cameroon.

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