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The Dean of African presidents is falling

You may be wondering who the dean of African presidents could be. The answer is here. A dean in the context of this write up refers to a senior member of some group of people, dean of diplomatic corps. Africa is noted for emulating western democratic values, dictatorial governance, and poor foreign policy instruments.

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Africa’s Living Dictators and the Battle for Survival

Apart from the fight over natural resources defined in geopolitical terms, ethnic cleavages, colonial memories,

leadership appears to have taken center stage with regard to the continent’s poor performance in both political and economic sectors.

To say the least, it is normal that out of the world’s first twenty longest serving Presidents, Africa (a continent which is just half a century old) alone has ten. From the North to the South and the East to the West of the continent, there is always a president who has ruled for two and more decades and still harbors the intention of clinging to power.

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