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Cultural diplomacy: Cameroon movie industry imposes on the African market

Cultural diplomacy: Cameroon movie industry imposes on the African market. The Cameroon film industry is considered to be at its crippling stage and many are highly expecting the time for its stand up and walk. Cameroon is a bicultural country and the movie industry is divided into the French and the English sectors

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Cultural Diplomacy: Nigeria has the most popular African culture in the world

What is cultural diplomacy? According to the Oxford dictionary, cultural diplomacy refers to the furthering of international relations by cultural exchange; the practice of publicizing and exhibiting examples of one’s national culture abroad.

Did you know that Yoruba is the largest ethnic group in Africa with a population estimated at 35 million people. They mainly occupy the southwestern parts of Nigeria as well as southern Benin. (That’s by the way).

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Cultural Diplomacy: meaning of the new concept

Cultural Diplomacy (or “Diplomacy between Cultures”) has existed as a practice for centuries.  Whilst the term “cultural diplomacy” has only recently been established, evidence of its practice can be seen throughout history and has existed for centuries. Explorers, travelers, traders, teachers, and artists can be all considered living examples of “informal ambassadors” or early “cultural diplomats”.

I personally love this concept and I will be throwing more light on it with focus on African cultural diplomacy ranging from music, movies, dressing, to food, and literature. To better understand my series of blog posts compiled on this category, it will be important to go through this article to be well informed about the new nice concept.

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