North West Fons’ Union (NOWEFU) and the Politics Within

The election of the next President General of NOWEFU at the General Assembly meeting is due to take place in Nkambe Central Subdivision of Donga Mantung, today 25th November 2017.

This may resolve the leadership crisis that has characterized the Union since the mandate of His Majesty, Senator Teche Njei II of Ngien-Muwa in Batibo expired in 2014. However, from what Africaninfolook has gathered, the election of a new President General for NOWEFU is not going to end the political manipulations within the Union.

This is because the arrangements leading to the election of a new President General of NOWEFU appears to have been shrouded in secrecy by the present President General and a clique he has put together within NOWEFU.

My source (name withheld) stated that “HM Fon Teche Njei II and his clique have a large hidden (political) agenda, given that he is now Senator only because of the position he holds as NOWEFU President General “.

When HM, senator Teche Njei II was elected President General of NOWEFU in Bamenda on the basis of the NOWEFU constitution (Revised Edition, 2011), signed by HM Fon Francis Aneng of Bafmen, it was for a 3 years term which expired in 2014 but since then he has not called a General Assembly meeting for fresh elections to take place until now.

From all indication, he did this because he tasted how sweet power is, financial and other benefits accruing to him following the political generosity of President Paul Biya, chairman of the CPDM, and that of the North West Regional Senatorial list leader.

The Rt. Honorable Simon Achidi Achu, former prime minister of LRC who made him, the NOWEFU President General, HM Teche Njei II to be placed on the CPDM senatorial list for the North West Region only by virtue of his position as President General of NOWEFU. This simply explains why he wants to keep his position for future senatorial elections even if and or he vacates the position of President General of NOWEFU.

In line with the above and given that the position is now to be occupied by a Fon from Donga Mantung, this political clique within NOWEFU consisting  some of the North West Fons in general and Donga Mantung Fons in particular, many of whose Fons are illiterates as he blasted on a Radio Talk Show in Bamenda in February, 2016, produced the so-called Constitution of NOWEFU (Revised 2016 Edition) which, in its preamble, reciepts, among other relevant texts, decree No 77/245 of 15th July 1977 on Chieftaincy in Cameroun.

Accordingly, the Revised 2016 Constitution, in its Article 21(same article as in the Revised 2011 Constitution which had provided for one President General and four assistants) now provides for a President General and four vice Presidents General. This means that the position of the President General of NOWEFU has been downgraded and the groundwork for the election of an “illiterate” in that position has already been hatched.

On the contrary, it will be unwise to elect an illiterate Donga Mantung Fons Union (DOMAFU) candidate who does not meet the minimum requirements to qualify as President General of NOWEFU as stated in Article 8, Chapter II, decree No 77/245 of 15th July 1977 on the appointment of chiefs that “candidates must meet the physical and moral conditions required and must, as far as possible know how to read and write”. Unknowingly, the preamble of the Revised 2016 Constitution has recited the decree above.

Therefore, the exposure of the hatched plan by HM, Senator Teche Njei II to use political intrigue, posturing to cling to his position as senator. This will simply be achieved by electing him as President of NOWEFU General Assembly because the Revised 2016 Constitution states that ” the president of the General Assembly shall be elected from among former Presidents General during an elective General Assembly” which automatically qualifies him for that position.

Worthy of note is the fact that such a political clique within NOWEFU which includes some political elites of Donga Mantung resident in Yaoundé but not of the Wimbum speaking stock wish to elect a NOWEFU President General from Donga Mantung who will not qualify for future Senate seat in LRC following the death of senator Njikong Stephen Yeriwa who doubled as the fon of Jato village in Nwa Subdivision of Donga Mantung.

One could rightly state that the choice of a senator from Nwa Subdivision and today’s choice of an illiterate President General of NOWEFU from Nkambe who will not qualify to become a senator is designed to politically sideline a fon from Nkambe Central or Ndu Subdivisions from becoming a senator in the future.

Worst still, the draft of the so-called Revised 2016 NOWEFU Constitution has never been presented before a properly constituted General Assembly for debate and adoption. Sources I consulted say that the draft constitution is a secret document drawn up by HM senator Teche Njei II and is clique to use NOWEFU to achieve political gains.

NOWEFU which has no achievements to write home about the traditional communities of the North West Region since inception seems to be on the brink of disintegrating because of politicking. The justification for its existence is questionable as it also failed to condemn genocidal acts perpetrated against its people by the regime in Yaoundé in the wake of the “Anglophone Crisis”. This alone gives the reason why the Southern Cameroon interim government was wrong in its decision to restore power to traditional rulers on October 1st, 2017 during its declaration of the independence of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

7 thoughts on “North West Fons’ Union (NOWEFU) and the Politics Within”

    1. If the fons of Donga Mantung are illiterates then not all are that way though, I think. If I am not mistaken, the fon of Tabenken is a literate and is even younger than some senators. Let him be given the chance to prove his worth. And let’s not play on and around the constitution to hinder him or any other fon who is fit for this post.

      1. Donga Mantung is a political trap for any unwise politician or administrator .
        Ask Ebong Ngolle , akoto Ndang , oben ashu and others and you will get the anwser .

        This old Division is watching the whole of North west from above .

        Please Watch out !

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