longest serving presidents in the world still ruling

After the death of Muammar Gaddafi who ruled Libya for almost 42 years, Omar Bongo Ondimba who governed oil-rich Gabon for more than 41 years and the most celebrated step down of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe in 2017, after a 37-year rule. Other leaders who have been in power for more than a quarter of a century are mostly from Africa. They include Tajikistan’s Emomali Rakhmon, Cameroon’s Paul Biy, and Equatorial Guinea’s Teodoro Obiang Nguema. Below is the list of top longest-serving presidents in the world still ruling.

  1. Teodoro Obiang Nguema: The current president of Equatorial Guinea. He is the world’s longest-serving president still in office. Was Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council / Supreme Military Council of Equatorial Guinea from 3 August 1979 to 12 October 1982. Now 38 years as head of state since he toppled his uncle in 1979.
  2.  Paul Biya: The current president of Cameroon, 35 years in office. Was Prime Minister of Cameroon from 30 June 1975 to 6 November 1982 and took over from President Amadou Ahidjo following his resignation in 1982. He is still warming up for the upcoming presidential elections in October 2018 as he remains the party’s natural candidate confirmed by Jack Feme Ndongo
  3. Denis Sassou: Current president of Congo, 34 years in office, excluding a five-year pause. was previously

    President from 8 February 1979 to 31 August 1992, when the country was a one-Party state known as the People’s Republic of the Congo
  4. Hun Sen: Cambodian Prime Minister, 33 years in office. Became president on 31 December 1984
  5. Yoweri Museveni: Uganda‘s President, 32 years in office. Became president on 26 January 1986
  6. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: Iran‘s Supreme Leader 29 years in office.
  7. Omar al-Bashir: current president of Sudan, 28 years in office. Became president on 30 June 1989. was Chairman of the Sudanese Revolutionary Command Council for National Salvation from 30 June 1989 to 16 October 1993
  8.  Idriss Deby: current president of Chad, 27 years in office. was President of the Council of State of Chad from 2 December 1990 to 4 March 1991 became president on 2 December 1990
  9. Nursultan Nazarbayev: Current president of Kazakhstan, 28 years in office.
  10. Isaias Afwerki: Current president of Eritrea, 26 years in office. Became president on 27 April 1991
  11. Emomali Rakhmon: Current president of Tajikistan, 25 years, first rising to power in 1992 amid a bloody civil war. Became president on 19 November 1992
  12. Paul Kagame: Current president of Rwanda, 23 years 234 days in office. Became president on 19 July 1994

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