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List of universities in North America and Europe with easy admission requirements

Getting admission into some prestigious universities in the North America and Europe by foreign students is

often met with the barrier of language proficiency. If your dreamland for further studies after your undergraduate program is the North America or Europe but you fear the barrier of English Proficiency Test, then fear no more.

The fact is the general registration fees for most of the language proficiency programs be it Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International Test for English Proficiency (ITEP), Standard English Test (SET), and Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE) is $268.23 dollars which is approximately 150.000 FCFA.

That is just for registration, once registered you will need to pay for preparatory classes and TOEFL for example cost at least 60.000FCFA for five weeks. Spending up to 210.000FCFA means a lot to an average African Graduate. That is why took time to search out some of these Universities in North America and Europe which do not give much regard to TOEFL and other foreign language testing criteria. Let’s check them out


  • Concordia University,
  • Memorial University,
  • Carleton University,
  • Brock University,
  • The University of Regina,
  • University of Saskatchewan and
  • University of Winnipeg


  • The University of Delaware,
  • Colorado University,
  • California State University,
  • The State University of New York,
  • The University of Iowa,
  • The University of Arkansas,
  • The University of Dayton, and University of New Orleans


  • In Europe generally, they include
  • The University of Basel,
  • The University of Warwick,
  • London South Bank University,
  • Birmingham City University,
  • Middlesex University,
  • Sheffield Hallam University,
  • The University of Central Lancashire,
  • RIGA Technical University,
  • The University of Bergen,
  • Northumbria University,
  • The University of Geneva and Audencia Nantes School of Management.

Now you know them, go google the University of your Choice, Check out the programs and pursue your dreams. Worthy of note is the fact that the Scandinavian countries are known for their offer of free tuition education and most of their universities subsidize living expenses.

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  2. Namakia Hallan Emeli

    This is a great job. It has been a hell looking for admission with a narrow number of affordable universities in my list. I use the as an additional advantage.

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