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World’s biggest economies 2018

China is proving beyond potentiality to threaten the economic dominance of the all might USA.  Latest statistics from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) 2018 maintain the key players in the global economy.

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Anglophone crisis: An idea cannot be killed with physical weapons, Apostle Julius Ekie Laments

After Apostle John Chi gave a coded prophecy concerning the Anglophone crisis and the fate of Cameroon, another renowned man of God, senior Apostle Julius Ekie breaks the Pentecostal silence with untold revelations and declaration about the ongoing crisis. It is worthy to note that this same man of God is noted for his radical and undiluted scriptural decoding both national and international.

According to our findings, the ordained Bishop has been nicknamed the voice of audacity as he always takes to his apostolic office to call state officials in Yaoundé to order reason why his style of leadership and ministry has attracted even statesmen, to submit under his spiritual tutorship.

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