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why university degrees are less considered by big companies for employment.

Going to school, having a degree and getting a job is the leading notion most African parents and students hold. However, the notion is quite fading away as most big companies around the world less consider university degrees or diplomas to employ workers in achieving set objectives. why?

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Kenyan inventors create panic button app for emergency signal using smartphone

Kenyan inventors have created a panic button app for emergency signal through smartphone. Efforts to use technology improve the lives of Africans remain a burden to the continent’s scientists and developers.

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Education: How to study and work abroad

Following our series of blog posts on education, scholarships and studying abroad, we have had several emails demanding to know the possibilities of studying while working abroad. Personally, I think this is a common worry.

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Best and worst ranked police force in Africa, Nigeria and Cameroon among the worst

The Botswana Police Service has been ranked no. 1 in Africa and 47 out of 127 countries in the World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI), released by the Institute of Economic and Peace (IEP).

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Tips on how to write a good motivation letter or personal statement

If you are seeking to pursue further studies after your undergraduate program then this post is much of your interest. Whether you are seeking admission into a university, scholarship or even an academic job you will need to know how to write a clean motivation letter or a personal statement and this happens to be one of the very many challenges young graduates face nowadays.

For many around the world, that stage is usually attained early in the educational ladder but for most if not all African students, many starts thinking about what they want to become, when, how and why at the university level.

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List of scholarship sites you did not know about

Given that most African graduates who strive to further their studies abroad look mostly up to scholarships, we

thought it wise to give a comprehensive list of sites where these scholarships among other opportunities can be accessed and taken full advantage of. Let’s go!

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List of universities in North America and Europe with easy admission requirements

Getting admission into some prestigious universities in the North America and Europe by foreign students is

often met with the barrier of language proficiency. If your dreamland for further studies after your undergraduate program is the North America or Europe but you fear the barrier of English Proficiency Test, then fear no more.

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Education: African Graduates, challenges of Seeking Scholarships and Admission abroad

The dream of most African graduates nowadays is to further their studies abroad specifically in North America and Europe. These two regions can be educationally referred to as the hub for most African graduates aspiring to pursue postgraduate studies like Master’s degree, Doctorate, and PhD. away from their home countries.

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East Africa: Regional integration targets Universities school fees

University students from the EAC member states will start paying the same fees as citizens by the end of the year.

This means a Ugandan student enrolled in a Tanzanian university will pay the same fees as a Tanzanian student.

This is part of plans by the Inter University Council of East Africa (IUCEA) to harmonize higher education in the region to increase student mobility.

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