Best and worst ranked police force in Africa, Nigeria and Cameroon among the worst

The Botswana Police Service has been ranked no. 1 in Africa and 47 out of 127 countries in the World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI), released by the Institute of Economic and Peace (IEP).

The aim of the WISPI, is to

  • Measure security provider performance across the four domains of internal security: capacity, process, legitimacy and outcomes.
  • see how these domains relate to each other
  • Track trends in these domains over time, and to inform the work of security providing agencies, researchers, and practitioners in the field of peace and conflict studies, criminology, and police studies.

Botswana’s composite score for all indicators was 0.6876. The highest ranking country in the Index is Singapore with a score of 0.8978, while the lowest is Nigeria with 0.2554. Cameroon, Kenya and Congo DRC ranks the 6th, 3rd, and 2nd worst police service in Africa respectively while Rwanda, Algeria, Senegal and Tunisia rank 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th as the best police service in Africa

Some sub-Saharan African countries that have performed well on the Index, most noticeably Botswana, which ranks 47th, and Rwanda, which ranks 50th as best in the world. Both Botswana and Rwanda perform strongly on the process and legitimacy domains, with Botswana, in particular, having low levels of reported bribe payments to police, and high levels of confidence in police at the local level.”

One thought on “Best and worst ranked police force in Africa, Nigeria and Cameroon among the worst”

  1. “Botswana …having low levels of reported bribe payments to police…” This is just a statement from the above report. I was very interested and amazed because this is a complete opposite of the situation the prevails in Cameroon. I think basically nothing has been done to solve the problem of police and bribe in Cameroon. They deserve that position and even worse. What a shame!!!!!!!!

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