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Author: Tanyu Ngenge

North West Fons’ Union (NOWEFU) and the Politics Within

The election of the next President General of NOWEFU at the General Assembly meeting is due to take place in Nkambe Central Subdivision of Donga Mantung, today 25th November 2017.

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African Migrants and modern Slavery in Libya. Who should be blamed?

When one looks at Libya today, a vivid view of the Trans Saharan and Trans-Atlantic Slave Trading systems immediately come to mine.

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Cameroon politics: November 6, as a Symbol of the Dictatorship Threshold between Presidents Ahidjo and Biya and the Annexation of Southern Cameroons.

The handover of power from the late and former President of the then Federal Republic of Cameroon and later United Republic of Cameroon to the incumbent President of the then United Republic of Cameroon and now Republic of Cameroon on the 6th of November, 1982 sealed the dictatorship threshold between the two presidents and was meant to further the colonialist and annexationist agenda of France in the former UN Trust territory of British Southern Cameroon.

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Tips on how to write a good motivation letter or personal statement

If you are seeking to pursue further studies after your undergraduate program then this post is much of your interest. Whether you are seeking admission into a university, scholarship or even an academic job you will need to know how to write a clean motivation letter or a personal statement and this happens to be one of the very many challenges young graduates face nowadays.

For many around the world, that stage is usually attained early in the educational ladder but for most if not all African students, many starts thinking about what they want to become, when, how and why at the university level.

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Africa’s Living Dictators and the Battle for Survival

Apart from the fight over natural resources defined in geopolitical terms, ethnic cleavages, colonial memories,

leadership appears to have taken center stage with regard to the continent’s poor performance in both political and economic sectors.

To say the least, it is normal that out of the world’s first twenty longest serving Presidents, Africa (a continent which is just half a century old) alone has ten. From the North to the South and the East to the West of the continent, there is always a president who has ruled for two and more decades and still harbors the intention of clinging to power.

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List of scholarship sites you did not know about

Given that most African graduates who strive to further their studies abroad look mostly up to scholarships, we

thought it wise to give a comprehensive list of sites where these scholarships among other opportunities can be accessed and taken full advantage of. Let’s go!

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Education: African Graduates, challenges of Seeking Scholarships and Admission abroad

The dream of most African graduates nowadays is to further their studies abroad specifically in North America and Europe. These two regions can be educationally referred to as the hub for most African graduates aspiring to pursue postgraduate studies like Master’s degree, Doctorate, and PhD. away from their home countries.

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Social media: now the peoples’ parliament in Africa?

Young scholars have been pondering on this problematic that concerns ascertaining what now controls government action in Africa, is it the no-nonsense social media or the traditional houses of parliament

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