As Nigeria confirms the detention of Ambazonian leaders, UN says It Is “Monitoring” the situation

One of the most “notorious” and vigorous journalists at the UN is Matthew Russell Lee. He has been hitting hard on UN officials concerning the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon. His daring follow up questioning and the diplomatic investigation has often left him being kicked out of the UN press coverage. Following the buzzing arrest of the president of the interim Government of Ambazonia Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and some of his closed aids, Lee had sought to know from the UN the state of the matter in high diplomacy

“Inner City Press: I wanted to ask you something… actually a couple of things that I’d asked you in writing on Saturday.  One has to do with them… the detention or abduction of the disappearance of nine southern Cameroon… or Ambazonia or Anglophone leaders in Abuja.  They seem to have been taken out of a hotel where they were meeting, either by Cameroon forces or by Nigeria.  And I know the Deputy Secretary-General is in Abuja.  Maybe it’s a coi… it’s… I’m just wondering, given that the UN has called for dialogue and that these people have been locked up…?

Spokesman:  Her presence was scheduled in advance.  We’re, obviously, aware of the reports.  We’ve not been able to get any official confirmation one way or another, and we’re going to continue to monitor the situation.

Question:  I guess two que… one is, has Mr. [Francois Lounceny] Fall made any inquiries?  Number two, I understand that she’d obviously previously scheduled this week-long trip to Abuja, but given that she’s meeting with senior Nigerian officials and given that there are reports that the Nigerian Department of State Security is responsible for…? Spokesman:  As I said, we’re trying to get some sort of official confirmation one way or another, and we’ll continue monitoring the situation.” Monitoring?  So this is not a threat to international peace and security? Inner City Press has asked the spokespeople for UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid “this is a request for UN OHCHR comment / action on the reported abduction of nine Southern Cameroonians in Abuja, Nigeria. Reportedly they were in a “meeting in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria at the time the Cameroun Gunmen showed up at the Hotel. The meeting started at around 5pm, Nigerian time. At around 7:30PM, the gunmen came into the Hotel and abducted all of them.” Please confirm receipt and all UN OHCHR action / comment.” Inner City Press has formally asked Guterres three top spokespeople the same. So far, nothing. When Inner City Press asked Nigeria’s Buhari government’s foreign minister about the crackdown just across his border, he mechanically expressed support to Biya, on Boko Haram.”  Continue reading the full interview here….      

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