Anglophone crisis: Fako Lawyers Association (FAKLA) sues the Attorney General of South West Region for the Travesty of Justice

The Fako Lawyers Association (FAKLA) under its president Barrister Felix Agbor Balla has sued the Procureur General (Attorney General) of the south-west region for the Travesty of justice over some destinies related to the Anglophone crisis.

According to the detailed legal document mailed to africanifolook, the court of first instance in Buea had granted bail to 180 persons over crimes related to riots, non-possession of national ID cards, blocking of national high ways and the violation of the governor’s order contrary to section 230, 232 (2) of the penal code.

Unfortunately, after being granted bail by the trial court of competent jurisdiction through the relentless efforts of the FAKLA PRO-BONO INTERVENTION TASKFORCE, the respondent (Attorney general) upon receipt of the release order decided personally to hand pick those to be released allowing others to rot in jail.

Despite the numerous applications by the consortium of defense lawyers, the Respondent has vehemently refused to release the freed detainees and has continued the illegal detention of the bailed citizens in defiance of a court order

In pursuance therefore for justice, FAKLA through its workaholic president has sued the Attorney General for HABEAS CORPUS.


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