Anglophone crisis: An idea cannot be killed with physical weapons, Apostle Julius Ekie Laments

After Apostle John Chi gave a coded prophecy concerning the Anglophone crisis and the fate of Cameroon, another renowned man of God, senior Apostle Julius Ekie breaks the Pentecostal silence with untold revelations and declaration about the ongoing crisis. It is worthy to note that this same man of God is noted for his radical and undiluted scriptural decoding both national and international.

According to our findings, the ordained Bishop has been nicknamed the voice of audacity as he always takes to his apostolic office to call state officials in Yaoundé to order reason why his style of leadership and ministry has attracted even statesmen, to submit under his spiritual tutorship.

But the question now is judging from his spiritual credentials could his seasonable outing and untold revelation concerning the persisting Anglophone crisis be of the essence? Follow what he said in the ensuing paragraphs.

Drawing his inspiration from the book of Rev.3:20 the Rt Rev mounted the stage to address the prolonged Anglophone crisis under what he captioned “if Cameroon will let Him in” He began his long-awaited message by expressing deep regrets on the appalling stage of the crisis that has resulted in huge material damage and loss of lives in the two English speaking regions.

The clergy pressed on: the text we just read is an allegory of our present day situation; the Christians in the church of Laodicea went praying and seeking solutions from God to their problems. But it was rather unfortunate that they were seeking solutions from Jesus in the church whereas Jesus was absent. He was knocking at the door yet none of them cared to let him in, they needed his hand in their problems but were not ready to open their door for him. If we keep using the same method, or approach, we should not expect different results from the former.

This is the picture of what we are going through today in Cameroon. Our leaders are looking for solutions in the wrong places. Wrong approaches and methods will only result in wrong solutions. The peace Cameroonians need today can only be gotten if Cameroon opens its door for the prince of peace to come in.

The Bible says “the government shall be upon His shoulder and His name shall be called the wonderful counselor, mighty God, Everlasting Father Prince of peace (Isaiah 9:6)”. A genuine peace that can keep a nation can never be obtained using physical weapons. As long as Jesus Christ remains out of the leadership of this nation, be it in the judiciary, legislature or executive, peace remains a nightmare.

Apostle Julius Ekie at Kondengui

This crisis is a symbolic knock at the door of Cameroon by Christ and the leaders must lead Cameroon without political, religious and cultural bias.  Cameroon is going down today because of the lack of knowledge according to Hosea 4;6. As a spiritual leader in this land, I warn any person or leader taking advantage of this crisis to make political and economic gains. Cameroon will vomit him or her out soon

The prelate made it clear that an idea can never be killed using physical weapons, instead, an idea is killed by another idea and the church is in the best position to bring about such transformation of the mind as stipulated in Romans 12:2. The church cannot be silent anymore, The church as the moral authority will keep playing its complementary role to the state by building the moral rectitude of the citizens, praying for authorities as well as calling them to order when they go wrong.

Triumphant faith ministry international

The ordained Yaounde based Apostle revealed that this crisis is a means by which God is calling on the government bench of Cameroon to respond to his call for revival. He continued that as the flag of Cameroon is made up of three colors, green, red, and yellow all joint together so is Cameroon’s unity in diversity. According to the clergy, Cameroon is about to witness the glory of the second house which is greater than the former.

This glory needs the collective contribution of all Cameroonians and it will only manifest fully if this crisis is well managed and the restoration of the Anglophone regions is carried out.

 During my spiritual retreat, the Lord revealed to me that secession is not an option in resolving the Anglophone crisis. God does not promote division as he sees all of us as one in Christ but frowns seriously at oppression, killings and all other practices that are not in conformity with the word of God. Christ is tired of Freemasons, Amok, Rosicrucian, black magic, corruption and nepotism in this land

While addressing the entire nation as an Apostle established to re-establish the authority of Christ in the land, he called on the Christians present among which were top government officials, parliamentarians, pressmen, and women to be the light in the system, speak up the truth when it is due and abhorred hypocrisy.

Speaking from his Odza impulsive ministerial headquarters (CBC, Triumphant Faith Ministries International) the voice of audacity reiterated his stand for a meaningful dialogue and the respect for human life. A genuine dialogue which should be holistic and not only involve national and international statesmen but men of God with high moral standing to be able to translate the will of God in the settling of the crisis be initiated by the authorities.

The role of the church in crisis resolution can’t be undermined It is time for the sons of God to pick up leadership positions in the political, economic and social sectors and introduce God’s agenda in this nation. Cameroonians have been waiting with lots of enthusiasm for the manifestation of the sons of God

He ended by acknowledging his love for a stable Cameroon and extended his heartfelt condolences to all the bereaved families in the two regions and prayed for God to see them through in such difficult time

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  1. The man of God has spoken and added his voice to that of other men of God.Cameroon leadership has given tge devil autonomy upon this land and leadership has turned its back to God.The solution to this crisis is in the hand of God and fire awaits those keeping Cameroon hostage.

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