After UN peace call in southern Cameroons, NGOs take over the golden message

After the double outing of the UN Secretary General on the persisting Anglophone crisis calling on both parties

to restrain from violence and preserve human lives, many would have expected the numerous peace-oriented NGOs residing in Cameroon to stand up and invade the crisis preaching peace, nonviolence and sincere dialogue. However one among many of these NGOs, Peace Ambassadors Family Reformation International Center (PAFRIC) has stood up with temerity against those igniting violence in the .crisis. After October 1st bloody protest, the CEO, and founder of PAFRIC, Prince Tam Junior writes an open letter to both the government and Anglophone activists, here is the letter:


Peace is the fruit of love, PAFRIC expresses her deepest regrets for the lives lost in the North and South West Regions of Cameroon on October 1st  and since the crisis erupted. Preaching peace without love is hypocrisy and if you love your people you won’t kill them as rats. We the peace Ambassadors extend our deepest condolences to the bereaved families.


We strongly condemned violence and the use of arms. We cannot be fighting to preserve properties to the detriment of human lives. Properties can always be gotten but lives lost are unrecoverable
we, therefore, propose that the forces of law and order should protect more of lives than properties.The head of State President Biya has through his official Facebook condemn violence on both sides and made it clear “it is not forbidden to voice out concerns in a Republic” in this light we indulge the President to call for an immediate dialogue before things get out of hand.


We also call for those leading the protest to do so peacefully in order not to betray the essence of it. Your protest which we know is legitimate as affirmed by History must be carried out with legitimate measures and caution.
We need each other and we are the light, if we are fighting to call our leaders to be accountable to the people and respect state institutions, then we must do so with utmost decency


We condemned speeches of hate that serve as springboard for hatred and division by some unscrupulous individuals, calling our fellow citizens “terrorist” and “dogs”, “anglo fools”, “franco fools” “cubes of sugar” among others. Such are statements that betray our true sense of sorting lasting solutions to this internal crisis and our unity. No true patriot of Cameroon of whether English or French Cameroon is permitted to vomit such utterances.


PAFRIC admits the members of parliament of both upper and lower houses have failed in representing their people in the most appropriate ways. The grievances today that have taken the political, Economic and social sectors hostage would have been avoided if the people’s representatives had deemed it necessary, respecting the laws in place.


Rather, unfortunately, some choose to represent their stomachs and care less about the problems of their people. Again we say; this is not patriotism and true leadership. We all shall be held responsible for destroying the legacies of love, peace, and unity as entrusted to us by our founding fathers.

The next generation will blame us for our negligence and for any unfortunate circumstances that might result in the course of this crisis

Let us take up our responsibilities in all honesty and love
Let us respect human lives and the role of law
Let us accept changes knowing that there are coming to correct our mistakes and reinforce our union
Let us accept the Prince of Peace which is Christ in our nation and get rid of foreign gods and evil ambitions that are fast bringing our peaceful people pains.
We say yes to love, justice, Dialogue, peace and unity in diversity
PAFRIC is for peace and peace always.
Thank you

8 thoughts on “After UN peace call in southern Cameroons, NGOs take over the golden message”

  1. This is a good information so far.
    Had it been everything was taken with respect to these principles , I hope it wouldn’t have reach to this level but out of mare self-centeredness, Statesmen try securing their interests rather than the interest of the Civilians. This is too bad. It makes tears run down my eyes. God is watching. For every bad you do, you shall be held accountable for it. Madness

  2. I perceive that you are a valuable asset in the right direction at the right time.
    May I suggest that you go further by interacting with the UN and CameroUn govt in facilitating/hastening this peace process?
    The govt will certainly play for time: chiruma is openly saying on public media that dialogue which UN recommend s has always been going on in la republique so to him the UN merely asked her to keep up the ‘dialogue’. He further maintains on this public media that the leaders of the protests are terrorists which I deem it unhealthy and bad will.

    1. you are right Ponde, i think this Ngo is more operational and realistic, and the management is reading your comments through this blog they are impressed with your views who knows they may take another action based on this

  3. Only if the law makers can respect the rule of law as rightly said then i think it will be a way forward not forgetting the accepting aspect of change and putting up measures to deal with or learning How to stay with it. Because as we plan we should always remember that the thoughts of man are not that of GOD.

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