African Bar Association insists, Ambazonia leaders were abducted by the Nigerian DSS, gives a 48hr ultimatum for their release or…

In a press release dated 8 January 2018, the African Bar Association has written to the Attorney General and the Minister for Justice, the Federal Republic of Nigeria calling their attention on the Unlawful detention of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and co. The legal umbrella Association terms the detainees “Cameroonian Refugees resident in Nigeria”. According to the press release, the members of the Ambazonia interim government who witnessed the incident had filed a case at the Bar and the Bar sees the whole arrest process as illegal and diplomatically incorrect to the state of Nigeria.

The bar has therefore demanded:

  • The immediate release of all arrested
  • Apology tendered and adequate compensation given to the innocent individuals arrested
  • And thorough investigation and punishment given to those found culprit to the unlawful incident

Lastly, the Bar has reserved authority to state that if the above demands are failed to be met within two days it will consider forwarding the case to local and international courts. Read the press release below


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