Abgor Balla condemns armed kidnapping and calls for the immediate release of Justice Mbeng Martin

Barrister Agbor Balla Nkongho has issued a statement condemning the kidnapping of justice Mbeng martin and calls for his immediate release.

Cameroonians got up on Sunday 8, 2018 with the breaking news of the kidnapping of Justice Mbeng Martin who is the former vice president of the court of appeal south west region

The seasoned barrister who is noted for rigorous and consistent press outing on issues concerning the ongoing Anglophone crisis could not stay indifferent in this case of the kidnapping of a colleague.

The barrister calls it kidnapping by armed groups to which armed groups he should be referring to are the Ambazonia fighters who have claimed responsibility for similar kidnaps

Condemning in strongest terms the discordant attacks on civilians by armed groups, he calls on those with the means to engage to stop this violation and release  Justice Mbeng martin.

By those with the means to engage, he refers to the leaders of the Ambazonia struggle who have the knife and the yam to halt subsequent acts or the government who is the guarantor of national security.

Worthy of note in his statement is the use of the words constructive negotiation

To put an end to the stalemate, all parties must seek constructive negotiation which will lead to a peaceful settlement, long-term stability and equal opportunities for every citizen”

This is the first time the barrister is using the word constructive negotiation as a long-term solution to the persisting Anglophone crisis.

This politically means that the legal mind understands the stages of escalation in the crisis in which as the powers that be waist more time to call for constructive dialogue the conditions for the peaceful settlement of the crisis keep stiffening.

Remember in my earlier blog post I explained what Separatists meant by “no more dialogue but negotiation click here to read the explanations. Read the barrister’s full statement below.  what is your thought?


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