Cultural diplomacy: Cameroon movie industry imposes on the African market

Cultural diplomacy: Cameroon movie industry imposes on the African market. The Cameroon film industry is considered to be at its crippling stage and many are highly expecting the time for its stand up and walk. Cameroon is a bicultural country and the movie industry is divided into the French and the English sectors

English speaking movie entrepreneurs are putting in tremendous efforts to undermine major setbacks such as the lack of sponsors, ready market, professional media and produce excellent content that has so far break through the international market.

Territorial predestination and history make it that Cameroon got a direct link and cultural semblance with movie giants in Africa such as Nigeria and Ghana.

The hidden talents and potential in Cameroon have been discovered by Nigerian and Ghanaian movie gurus who have often resorted to using cheap Cameroonian talents and cultural endowment to produce quality movies for their home consumption

Whereas there is a clash between Cameroon and Nigeria in the music sector, the movie sector seems to suggest a smooth bilateral relation between the two countries.

Proven by remarkable movie collaborations such as Baby Daddy, Blood or wine, Nightfall, Before the sunrise, A man for the weekend, Cameroon boys, Decoded, neglected obligation, Dilemma, Back from Cameroon, Different kind of men, and many others.

When the movie industry made a buzz in 2013/2014 with home-based star acts like Epule Jeffrey, Alenne Menget, Chifor Valery, Otia Vitalis, Yijika Solange, Solange Ojong, Ade Kelly, Desmond wyte and others, Cameroonians took the buzz with mixed feelings.

While pessimists argued that Cameroonian movies cannot go anywhere because the producers just copy what is already watched from Nigeria and Ghana, optimists maintained that Cameroonian movies are unique and will soon carve a place for itself in Africa.

Cameroon is imposing her movie industry on the African market from a rare angle. While the francophone movie sector is battling with Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire for the francophone market (where Burkina Faso dominates practically), the anglophones are living no stone unturned to spears through the anglophone market while struggling to manipulate her way through Ghana and Nigeria.

As a matter of fact, Cameroon has produced very good movies but since many do not know about Cameroonian films, I have compiled a list of some best Cameroonian movies you could check out. The list is not classified and you can add yours in the comment section.

A list of some best Cameroonian movies

  1. White Material
  2. Chocolat
  3. Ninah’s Dowry
  4. Africa: Blood and Beauty
  5. The Mysterious Island
  6. My Gallery
  7. Bad Angel
  8. Sacred Places
  9. Sango Malo
  10. The Price of Liberty
  11. Clando
  12. Love Born of Chopsticks
  13. A Trip to the Country
  14. Our Daughter
  15. Lola
  16. Africa, I Will Fleece You
  17. Chief!
  18. Hommage
  19. Somebody Else’s Child
  20. Koundi and the National Thursday
  21. Soka Afrika
  22. The Forest

One of Africa’s finest story in a drama Ninah’s Dowry proudly produced in Cameroon in 2012 has dominated the African market till 2016.

The movie is said to be the best ever Cameroonian film and has accumulated 12 International and 16 Local awards including 3 Ecrans Noirs. Cameroon’s Ninah’s Dowry won the prestigious title of “Best African film of AMAA 2013 beating “Elelwani” from South Africa, and “Nairobi Half Life” from Kenya. AMAA Award which is considered as Africa’s Oscar 

In the 2017 Golden Movie Awards Africa in Ghana, Cameroon’s TV series Samba won three trophies including Best TV Series (Samba), Best Actress (Ade Kelly), and Best Actor (Libota McDonald).

As if that was not enough, in the just ended Golden Movie Awards Africa 2018 in Ghana, Cameroon again proved she is an upcoming movie producing giant to watch out for by swiping six (6) trophies including

  • Best Drama: A Good Time to Divorce (Nkanya Nkwai)
  • Best Story (Nkanya Nkwai)
  • Over all Golden Movie: A Good Time to Divorce (Nkanya Nkwai)
  • Best Actor (Alenne Menget)
  • Best Art Director (Anurin Nwunembom)

Back home, the movie ecosystem is growing at an alarming rate with several movie premiers monthly, film recognition events like Ecrans Noirs, Cameroon International film Festival (CAMIF), Cameroon Movie Achievement Award (CMAA) that are all meant to recognize and expose Cameroonian movie talents.

While Cameroonian music lovers can get their favorite songs at any time by downloading from several online stores, it is not the same case with movie lovers who are forced to stay contented of watching just the premiers of their favorite movies because of lack of distribution channels.

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Nonetheless, this problem seems to soon be that of the past as entertainment entrepreneurs have come up with My movie Tv channel which is meant to showcase uniquely Cameroonian movies

My movie is going to add to Cannal2 English, and other online tv channels like Njoka Tv and SoulAfrica Tv which have been providing live streaming opportunities to consumers. What is your thought? 


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