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Anglophone crisis: video shows soldiers burn down homes in South West, blue helmet spotted, UN says they are not aware.

On the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, a viral video has circulated showing Cameroonian military burning down homes of villagers in the south western village of Munyenge. A soldier with a blue helmet was spotted among those who carried out the act.

The minority voice journalist at the UN Matthew Russell Lee On April 30 asked UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ spokesman Stephane Dujarric on April 30, 2018

Inner City Press: a video emerged over the weekend from Cameroon showing soldiers burning people’s homes in the Anglophone areas, what a lot of people focused on is that one of them, at least, is wearing a blue helmet.

I don’t think it means the UN is doing it, but I do wonder, what are the rules? If people have served in UN peacekeeping missions?” (Edited)

Spokesman:  “I haven’t seen that particular video, so I can’t comment on the particular helmet, whether it was just blue or a UN helmet.

We have seen, in different parts of the world, various security forces and army… we’ve seen reports of them using equipment that they own, which had been painted white or blue and reused domestically.

It is a responsibility to ensure that no equipment that has UN markings is ever used in any domestic operation…” Inner City Press

That was that for the news, now analysis!

Domestic operations according to the UN spokesman refers to a case of the army maintaining national security during an uprising, ethnic conflict or even civil war when the UN has not yet sent its peacekeeping forces.

What does a UN blue helmet signify during an operation?

The UN military symbol handbook states that: “All tactical symbols relating to United Nations peacekeeping forces, their dispositions, equipment, movements, and intentions shall be marked in the blue color. The belligerent forces, their dispositions, equipment, movements and intentions shall be marked in red or green or purple, depending on the number of the parties involved”.

Belligerent forces here refers to one or two entities being engaged in a war. Whereby, the one or both parties to a conflict invokes the right to self-defense under Article 51 of the UN Charter or under a United Nations Security Council Resolution.

Note that if there is a conflict between a rebellion and a sovereign state being recognized by the United Nations, such a rebellion is not considered a belligerent but an Insurgency. Example; Boko Haram against the state of Cameroon, Nigeria, and Chad.

Once the status of belligerency is established between two or more entities, their relations are determined and governed by the laws of war.

From the UN Secretary General spokesman’s voice, a national force reusing the equipment of the UN military in domestic operations is bridging the principles of UN Peacekeeping.


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  1. Baba Nestor

    Hi,thanks for reporting on the atrocities in The Southern Cameroons. You talk with the UN boss. And what does he say is keeping the UN from coming to the peoples rescue. If they haven’t seen the particular video with the blue helmets at least they have seen the soldiers brutalizing, beheading, maiming, rapping girls, looting and burning houses. Or we need to send them the videos again? And how in your opinion does the UN considers the crisis in the Cameroons? Thanks for your time

    • africaninfolook

      Hi Baba, thanks for your rich comment. on a personal note, the UN has all the facts on the socio-political situation of the people in English speaking Cameroon. but you know diplomacy and prompt action are incompatible, the UN secretary general spokesman who said they have not seen the video may have actually seen it but had not yet received the visa from his boss to comment on it. that is my opinion the UN considers the crisis in Cameroon for now as an internal wrangling to be handled by its people. according to the history of UN intervention in peacekeeping, once the Amba fighters will exert actions that will warrant the UN to declare them a belligerent force, a rebel group or an insurgency then the UN will fastly step in to maintain international security. And this can take many forms.

  2. Anyianoh

    Let the UN see how civilian are dieing loosing their houses.we need theirs intervention in to this freedom of Ambazonian

    • africaninfolook

      you are right Anyianoh. it is the right time for the UN to step in but you know she has to follow Organizational norms which are soo bureaucratic to the point of detestation


    Youths have now totally given up hopes in Cameroon. We have come to conclude that there is no legal system in Cameroon thus, the country is run and controlled by the dictates of a dictator. Youths have no place in the Cameroonian society. Many of us today think the only way out is to seek refuge in other countries. I am a perfect example. I can’t bear it any longer. The killings, fear, torture is just too much for us to bear. UN needs to open their eyes and open it well. The blood of innocent are crying in the wilderness. They need help. They can only be helped if this crisis comes to a final and positive end.

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