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What is military retreat? Cameroon military retreats from Belo after severe attacks from Ambazonia fighters

The Cameroonian military has withdrawn from the north-western town of Belo after it was attacked by Anglophone separatists, known as the Amazonians.

The move follows weeks of military raids in English-speaking parts of Cameroon. Homes have been burned and many people arrested. BBC News 26 April 2018

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What is a military retreat?

Military retreat refers to the withdrawal of forces back from a battleground while maintaining contact with the enemy.

A military retreat may be opted by an army Captain or General in order to consolidate forces (re-strategize) or to lure the enemy into ambush.

The disadvantage of a military retreat is that

  • It requires absolute discipline on the part of the retreating forces and great coordination to avoid disorganization which is always very common
  • It may cause serious damage to the morale of the military.

Types of military retreats

There are four main types of military retreats according to Axis Allies

  • Tactical Withdrawal

A tactical withdrawal is the most desirable form of retreating. It is a planned retreat to improve upon current battle conditions or to gain a tactical advantage. Most commonly used to “buy time” for reinforcements to arrive, lure the enemy into an ambush (Feint), or to relocate the battle to advantageous terrain

  • Disengagement

Disengagement involves retreating forces back while maintaining contact with the enemy. One perfect example would be the Center Peel

  • Breakout

The breakout is an emergency retreat to avoid or escape from an enemy encirclement keeping in mind that circumstances may dictate the necessity to sacrifice some of your forces, to save the majority.

  • Rout

A rout is a chaotic and disorderly retreat of forces from the battlefield, which usually occurs when troops are asked to do too much, are outnumbered, or have been flanked and/or encircled. When a regiment routs, it is as likely to run deeper into trouble; than it is toward safety


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