In line with his total engagement to fight separatists’ activities in the two Anglophone regions the president of Cameroon Paul Biya has set aside a sum of 30,000frs as special support allowance for the military engaged in operations in the Northwest and the Southwest regions.

This gest cannot be viewed as the president’s response to widespread criticism on the financial conditions of the soldiers sent to the North West and south west regions.

However, there have been widespread allegations on social media over the past months about the military complaining of the negligible allowance given to them while at the war front in the North West and south west.

In a fax message here attached the ministry of defense stipulates that: under the high instructions of the head of state Paul Biya the objective of this special allowance of 30,000 FRS is to support personnel operations in the North West and south west regions.

It should be noted that since the abduction of Anglophone leaders in Nigeria and the controversial refoulement to Cameroon on January 29, 2018, the Anglophone crisis has taken a rapid radical twist registering several deaths from the part of the military.

The Cameroon government remains firm in her decision never to dialogue with “Terrorists”.

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The minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji reiterated over the state broadcaster CRTV on Sunday 15, 2018 that there will be no dialogue with “secessionists” and happily announced again that “secessionists” arrested in Nigeria are doing fine and now weighs 20kg more than the time they were arrested.