Former air hostess Martina big a German white woman has turned herself into black and now claims she is African. The white glamour model is said to have spent £50,000 on surgery in a bid to transform herself into an ‘exotic Barbie.

Martina Big claims she is 28 of age and inflected her breast to the size of 32. To achieve a black skin color she has used tanning injections to get a dark crispy brown complexion.The tanning addict so proud of her adventure appeared on one of US top shows – Maury show to announce to the world she now ‘identifies as Black woman’

I am black. That is my race. I can’t wait to go to Africa because I hear the food is tasty. ‘It’s better to be black, the feeling inside is just better. She told show host

Martina Big on a traditional garb in Kenya

As if that was not enough, Martina Big had to flow from the US after medical surgery to Kenya to further concretize her controversial adventure and without warning, the white woman has been baptized under a new name more African which is Malaika Kubway in Swahili meaning, Big Angel.

The raison d’etre for this white woman’s racial change is not quite clear but rights groups around the world have condemned and criticized this act in the strongest terms.

The Race Equality Foundation, believe Martina Big has a “limited understanding” of the challenges ethnic minority groups face. Her story distracts from the problems black people are truly facing today.

As a Pan Africanist, I think this move is inconsequential it has no place. Look at it this way why will she inflect her breast to size 32 and is even planning to inflect her buts and widen her nose. This is ugly, black beauty is not this way. In fact, this is a mockery to a “special people”.

Comparatively, outrage of anger was poured on a Los Angeles makeup artist last year for having turned a white model face into black. This tendency of whites trying to change to black is becoming more and more controversial.

While liberalists think it is just a way of the white giving value and recognizing the beauty of the black race, conservatives think it is uncalled for and some sort of mockery as the white majority still see Africans as inferior.

I believe what should be continuously condemned is turning black magical beauty into white which Africans have been mystically programmed to follow through body bleaching.