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Month: June 2018

Unauthorized online withdrawal: How to get your bank refund your money quickly

Doing transactions online including making digital payments is so fascinating but not without some problems which at times may be so frustrating. Being a blogger, digital marketer or any online dealer you may at times do payments with an online agent.

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List of universities in North America and Europe with easy admission requirements

Getting admission into some prestigious universities in the North America and Europe by foreign students is often met with the barrier of language proficiency. If your dreamland for further studies after your undergraduate program is North America or Europe but you fear the barrier of English Proficiency Test, then fear no more.

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Cultural diplomacy: Cameroon movie industry imposes on the African market

Cultural diplomacy: Cameroon movie industry imposes on the African market. The Cameroon film industry is considered to be at its crippling stage and many are highly expecting the time for its stand up and walk. Cameroon is a bicultural country and the movie industry is divided into the French and the English sectors

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When and how does the UN Declare a Humanitarian Crisis?

There are of course many types of crisis in the world, however, the most talked about is the crisis that affects the wellbeing of mankind and this is humanitarian crisis. Read what is humanitarian crisis and the various types here.

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