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Abgor Balla condemns armed kidnapping and calls for the immediate release of Justice Mbeng Martin

Barrister Agbor Balla Nkongho has issued a statement condemning the kidnapping of justice Mbeng martin and calls for his immediate release.

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Best cities in Cameroon you will be compelled to know of

Mastering the best cities in Cameroon in terms of popularity is quite important. Tourist literature describes Cameroon as Africa in miniature meaning it offers all the diversity of Africa – in climate, culture, and geography.

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Fears government may institute death penalty for hate speech in Nigeria

A newly proposed bill which stipulates death penalty for hate speech has triggered fears as it may undermine freedom of expression in Africa’s largest democracy.

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Anglophone crisis: Separatists say no more Dialogue but negotiation. why?

Separatists in the Anglophone struggle say no more dialogue now but negotiation is possible. What is the political implication of this statement? The Anglophone struggle has morphed from stage to sage since the 1990s to present.

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