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Month: December 2017

Cameroon: Increase military expenditure triggers fear of economic recession

Considering the insecurity rocking the territorial delimitation of Cameroon: from Boko Haram in the Far North to the Anglophone separatists in the North and South West regions, the government of Cameroon has opted to allocate the sum of 124,212 billion FCFA as the military expenditure for 2018.

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Cameroon Anglophone Crisis: English speaking Cameroonians are refugees in Nigeria and not migrants.

Being a blogger in Cameroon during this period of socio-political turmoil one’s ears are bound to hear soft, hot and controversial debates on the media, arguments, and discussions in quarters, on the streets and press stands concerning the state of affairs in the country.

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Education: How to study and work abroad

Following our series of blog posts on education, scholarships and studying abroad, we have had several emails demanding to know the possibilities of studying while working abroad. Personally, I think this is a common worry.

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