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Month: November 2017

North West Fons’ Union (NOWEFU) and the Politics Within

The election of the next President General of NOWEFU at the General Assembly meeting is due to take place in Nkambe Central Subdivision of Donga Mantung, today 25th November 2017.

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African Migrants and modern Slavery in Libya. Who should be blamed?

When one looks at Libya today, a vivid view of the Trans Saharan and Trans-Atlantic Slave Trading systems immediately come to mine.

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Anglophone crisis: Fako Lawyers Association (FAKLA) sues the Attorney General of South West Region for the Travesty of Justice

The Fako Lawyers Association (FAKLA) under its president Barrister Felix Agbor Balla has sued the Procureur General (Attorney General) of the south-west region for the Travesty of justice over some destinies related to the Anglophone crisis.

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Cameroon politics: November 6, as a Symbol of the Dictatorship Threshold between Presidents Ahidjo and Biya and the Annexation of Southern Cameroons.

The handover of power from the late and former President of the then Federal Republic of Cameroon and later United Republic of Cameroon to the incumbent President of the then United Republic of Cameroon and now Republic of Cameroon on the 6th of November, 1982 sealed the dictatorship threshold between the two presidents and was meant to further the colonialist and annexationist agenda of France in the former UN Trust territory of British Southern Cameroon.

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Best and worst ranked police force in Africa, Nigeria and Cameroon among the worst

The Botswana Police Service has been ranked no. 1 in Africa and 47 out of 127 countries in the World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI), released by the Institute of Economic and Peace (IEP).

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How and when to issue an international warrant of arrest, Justice Ayah Paul illuminates

Meet the former deputy Attorney General at Cameroon’s Supreme Court

Chairman of the Peoples Actions Party PAP

Former 2011 presidential front-runner candidate

Former Member of Parliament, chief justice Ayah Paul Abine

After the government of Cameroon issued an international warrant of arrest to some 15 Anglophone separatist activists abroad the seasoned legal practitioner took some time out of his retirement rest room to outline the conditions necessary to issue an international warrant of arrest. In the case of Cameroon, and based on his explanations, africaninfolook noticed the repeated emphasis on the difficulties to effectuate such an arrest. Here is how the chief Judge puts it

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We reaffirm our commitment to non-violence and to continue diplomatic and legal efforts, H.E Sissiku Ayuk Tabe condemns recent killings in Jakiri and Bamenda

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Cultural Diplomacy: Nigeria has the most popular African culture in the world

What is cultural diplomacy? According to the Oxford dictionary, cultural diplomacy refers to the furthering of international relations by cultural exchange; the practice of publicizing and exhibiting examples of one’s national culture abroad.

Did you know that Yoruba is the largest ethnic group in Africa with a population estimated at 35 million people. They mainly occupy the southwestern parts of Nigeria as well as southern Benin. (That’s by the way).

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Cultural Diplomacy: meaning of the new concept

Cultural Diplomacy (or “Diplomacy between Cultures”) has existed as a practice for centuries.  Whilst the term “cultural diplomacy” has only recently been established, evidence of its practice can be seen throughout history and has existed for centuries. Explorers, travelers, traders, teachers, and artists can be all considered living examples of “informal ambassadors” or early “cultural diplomats”.

I personally love this concept and I will be throwing more light on it with focus on African cultural diplomacy ranging from music, movies, dressing, to food, and literature. To better understand my series of blog posts compiled on this category, it will be important to go through this article to be well informed about the new nice concept.

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