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Anglophone crisis: An idea cannot be killed with physical weapons, Apostle Julius Ekie Laments

After Apostle John Chi gave a coded prophecy concerning the Anglophone crisis and the fate of Cameroon, another renowned man of God, senior Apostle Julius Ekie breaks the Pentecostal silence with untold revelations and declaration about the ongoing crisis. It is worthy to note that this same man of God is noted for his radical and undiluted scriptural decoding both national and international.

According to our findings, the ordained Bishop has been nicknamed the voice of audacity as he always takes to his apostolic office to call state officials in Yaoundé to order reason why his style of leadership and ministry has attracted even statesmen, to submit under his spiritual tutorship.

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Anglophone crisis: who is blocking the Southern Cameroons Governing Council’s agenda?

It had seemed very obvious that not only the two English speaking parts of Cameroon but Cameroon, in general, has been taken hostage by pro restoration activists abroad operating under the banner southern Cameroon Ambazonia consortium united front (SCACUF).

This was affirmed by a controversial university Don Ben Aki who took to his Facebook page to decry that SCACUF had successfully and technically neutralized and weakened all opposition parties in Cameroon and has now imposed itself as the main opposition party to the ruling Regime.

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Tips on how to write a good motivation letter or personal statement

If you are seeking to pursue further studies after your undergraduate program then this post is much of your interest. Whether you are seeking admission into a university, scholarship or even an academic job you will need to know how to write a clean motivation letter or a personal statement and this happens to be one of the very many challenges young graduates face nowadays.

For many around the world, that stage is usually attained early in the educational ladder but for most if not all African students, many starts thinking about what they want to become, when, how and why at the university level.

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Countries: the name Africa, origin and meaning

What values do names have? Are names given for particular reasons? These and many other questions readily come to mind whenever one comes across the name of a person or a place for the very first time.

In Africa, the names of people and places denote much more than what we often hear and read. African names connote exotic and beautiful meanings reflecting aspects of traditional rights and values, ancestors, great warriors of the past, celestial bodies and even God. For example, my name Tanyu also spelled Tanyv means “The father of God” Munang means “This is me”. what about yours?

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Differences between a federal and a unitary state

Differences between a federal and a unitary state are quite numerous. Recently I have had to move around city towns in Cameroon like Buea, Douala, Bamenda, and Yaounde and as a political blogger with my ears on the ground I have come across people arguing on this common topic: federal and unitary government which one is preferable, l’état federal et l’état unitaire quell est le meillure.

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Africa’s Living Dictators and the Battle for Survival

Apart from the fight over natural resources defined in geopolitical terms, ethnic cleavages, colonial memories,

leadership appears to have taken center stage with regard to the continent’s poor performance in both political and economic sectors.

To say the least, it is normal that out of the world’s first twenty longest serving Presidents, Africa (a continent which is just half a century old) alone has ten. From the North to the South and the East to the West of the continent, there is always a president who has ruled for two and more decades and still harbors the intention of clinging to power.

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List of scholarship sites you did not know about

Given that most African graduates who strive to further their studies abroad look mostly up to scholarships, we

thought it wise to give a comprehensive list of sites where these scholarships among other opportunities can be accessed and taken full advantage of. Let’s go!

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List of universities in North America and Europe with easy admission requirements

Getting admission into some prestigious universities in the North America and Europe by foreign students is

often met with the barrier of language proficiency. If your dreamland for further studies after your undergraduate program is the North America or Europe but you fear the barrier of English Proficiency Test, then fear no more.

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Education: African Graduates, challenges of Seeking Scholarships and Admission abroad

The dream of most African graduates nowadays is to further their studies abroad specifically in North America and Europe. These two regions can be educationally referred to as the hub for most African graduates aspiring to pursue postgraduate studies like Master’s degree, Doctorate, and PhD. away from their home countries.

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After UN peace call in southern Cameroons, NGOs take over the golden message

After the double outing of the UN Secretary General on the persisting Anglophone crisis calling on both parties

to restrain from violence and preserve human lives, many would have expected the numerous peace-oriented NGOs residing in Cameroon to stand up and invade the crisis preaching peace, nonviolence and sincere dialogue. However one among many of these NGOs, Peace Ambassadors Family Reformation International Center (PAFRIC) has stood up with temerity against those igniting violence in the .crisis. After October 1st bloody protest, the CEO, and founder of PAFRIC, Prince Tam Junior writes an open letter to both the government and Anglophone activists, here is the letter:

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