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Leading countries in Afrobeat now: Top 5

I am a diehard lover of African music and the trending genre in African music right now is Afrobeat. Studying the recent development in the music industry as from 2012, I have decided to do a critical analysis of the top 5 leading countries in Afrobeats.

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Buea: The magic city

Once upon a time while zapping through local channels in Cameroon; I came across mother TV- the CRTV and its popular talk show Hello Cameroon. In course of interviewing Afrobeat rising star, Tzy Panchak, the urbane presenter, Pochi Tamba Nsoh could not help herself say: “you are welcome to Yaounde all the way from the “magic city” yes! She said “magic city”

For Africaninfolookers who do not know about Buea, let me take you to Wikipedia quick facts: Buea (“Gbea”) was founded by a Bomboko hunter, he named the new found land in amazement as “Ebe‘eya” meaning a “place of happenings” Buea was the colonial capital of German Kamerun (1901-1919), the capital of southern Cameroons (1949-1961), the capital of Federated West Cameroon until 1972 and now the capital of South West Region.

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