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Month: September 2017 (Page 1 of 2)

Social media: now the peoples’ parliament in Africa?

Young scholars have been pondering on this problematic that concerns ascertaining what now controls government action in Africa, is it the no-nonsense social media or the traditional houses of parliament

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Internet/Facebook Users Statistics for Africa: IWS 2017 report

Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco top the chat with the highest Facebook subscribers

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The rise of pidgin: Bill Gates tries understanding Pidgin English

Back in the days Pidgin English was considered as a language for the illiterate. It was used mostly to transmit

the word of God to the local population in west and some parts of central Africa as well as for business transaction even after the era of decolonization.

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Alleged bomb alert at SCDP, Mboppi, Douala

A bomb is reported to have exploded at the petroleum deport, SCDP Douala. Causing serious traffic on the

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Anglophone crisis: A french speaker threatens “Bamenda” after explosive wounds three police officers.

Eye witness account says the locally made  explosive was carefully planted on police patrol path and subsequently went off Thursday September 21, 2017, leaving Three Police officers wounded and a Starlet spot vehicle destroyed at hospital roundabout in Bamenda.

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After India, Google launches YouTube Go in Nigeria.

According to CNN, the good news came as Google boss Sundar Pichai joined members of his executive team on his first visit to Nigeria as the company announced a series of products for the country, including YouTube Go, a platform where users with slow Internet can preview and save videos with little data.

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Donald Trump addresses the UNGA 2017; attacks presidents of North Korea, Iran, Cameroon and Togo

“And this is what causes the regime to restrict internet access, tear down satellite dishes, shoot and kill unarmed university students and imprison political reformers”. click more to watch him speak

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“The image of Cameroon today round the world is tarnished”, Ayah Paul rubbishes Cameroon judiciary

“If there is anything that is wrong with Cameroon, it’s because of the judiciary

Here is somebody who has privilege jurisdiction

This is somebody arrested without warrant

This is somebody who is not supposed to be detained on a Saturday

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War against CFA revitalized in Senegal

A divisive decision by an activist to set a CFA note on fire in Senegal has reignited a debate on the common currency and the influence France still holds over francophone Africa. Fresh protest against the CFA France has erupted in west Africa after Kemi Seba was arrested for setting fire to a 5,000 CFA note (equivalent to $9.20) on Aug. 19, in protest over “Francafrique”—France’s continued political and economic influence over its former African colonies.

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East Africa: Regional integration targets Universities school fees

University students from the EAC member states will start paying the same fees as citizens by the end of the year.

This means a Ugandan student enrolled in a Tanzanian university will pay the same fees as a Tanzanian student.

This is part of plans by the Inter University Council of East Africa (IUCEA) to harmonize higher education in the region to increase student mobility.

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